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ScreenFlow (version 4)
Camtasia For Mac (v2) | Camtasia Studio For Windows (v8)

(Update - Nov 4, 2014) - Course update for ScreenFlow version 5 coming by December 31, 2014.

Think about it:  After years in the corporate world, you’ve accumulated a library of unique expertise and a ton of professional know-how.

That know-how and the unique insight you’ve nurtured after many years of honing your skills can benefit many others.  You have a niche to fill… but only if you know how to get your know-how online….

This 8-hour  14+ hour 20+ our video training library will show you how to digitize your knowledge, get it online and web ready.

“This is awesome! I’ve been looking for tutorials that were more detailed than what Techsmith had… their stuff was OK for a primer, but Mel’s stuff really holds your hand through the steps.”
Lleslle Schroeder

Learn to make compelling online web video / screen capture presentations using
ScreenFlow (v4) for Macintosh,
Camtasia for Macintosh (v2) or Camtasia Studio (for Windows – v8)
(All courses are included in one bundle!)

24×7 Access

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Immediately accessible training videos.  They’re readily available anywhere you have reliable high-bandwidth access to the worldwide web. iPad friendly! Access courses on the road.  ‘Tethering’ yourself to a desktop computer is fine if you like learning that way.  But our entire video library is viewable on mobile iOS devices as well as desktop computers. Your purchase today buys lifetime access to a training video library that will continue to grow. And, when pricing increases for future new members, you won’t pay a dime more. You’re in for the life of the library.
Learn to transform your classroom-delivered content to a virtual classroom that your web audience and online customers can access anytime and from anywhere.
“Mel’s attention to detail is exemplary.  The course content is 100% video with a forum for questions at the end of each video tutorial.  Mel has a uniquely “feet on the ground,” personable style with emphasis always being on the message rather than the messenger.  The tutorials contain much more detail than the Techsmith tutorials and provide “the back story” to many of the software features.  An excellent course for screencasting beginners through to (almost) experts who want to learn to create videos up to corporate quality.”
Richard Andrew, TTA Online Course Creator & Facilitator

Go beyond the classroom!  Learn how to transform your live presentations, workshops and live training courses to a digitized format that’s easily shared, easily consumed and potentially profitable.  The inventory never gets used up because it’s digital.  And, the classroom doors never close because it’s on the web!  Build authority, leverage influence, grow your niche audience by learning how to digitize your knowledge and get it online.

Don’t be boring.   Learn to kick your presentations up a notch from run-of-the-mill online presenters by overlaying quality audio and synchronizing live action web video to compel your audience.  Listen, video screen capture presentations (screencasts) are versatile and a lot easier to produce and distribute today than they were just 5 years ago.  But because it’s relatively easy to produce it’s not a wonder that about 8 out 10 screencasts on the internet today are booorring with little more than a disembodied voice and a mouse cursor going for them.  You’re primed to raise the bar by following the techniques I show you in this course.  You’ll not only learn tips and techniques for producing quality audio/video screencasts, but you’ll also learn how to synchronize live action web video to your screencast just like the one below.

Be compelling with Picture-in-Picture.  As a member, you will learn my production workflow, editing tips and synchronization secrets that will allow you to produce the acclaimed picture-in-picture video overlay technique without the creepy “airline pilot / fishbowl” byproduct that’s run of the mill for everybody else.

“(Mel’s)…technique… was so overwhelming of all the videos, that was by far my favorite. And I was thinking, I want to figure out how to do that. That’s something I want to learn how to do… If I could do a video as good as him… that would be a good goal for me.”
Steve Garvey, Videographer and Techsmith Screenchamp 2012 contest judge
“The one that won was well chosen… Alot of people, when they make videos, they kind of hide… This comes across as very honest… I like seeing people use video to share an opinion that was well supported, and he did a great job with this…”
Rushton Hurley, Speaker / Trainer, Techsmith Screenchamp 2012 contest judge
“The winner here really did connect with his audience… I think that’s something that all of us should begin to incorporate…”
Scott Skibell, Professional Screencaster / Chief Blogger, Skillcasting; Techsmith Screenchamp 2012 contest judge
Here’s What You Get

Digital-Know-How is a growing library with over 20 hours of “step-by-click”, go-at-your-own-pace training videos.  Each training video is web optimized to stream on demand so you can begin learning immediately on either a desktop computer or via mobile devices like the iPad.  Training topics focus on teaching you how to use any of “The Big 3” video screen capture software products (ScreenFlow (v4) for Mac, Camtasia for Mac (v2), or Camtasia Studio (v8) for Windows) to produce engagingly compelling online web video presentations.

Module 1: Before You Get Started
  • Navigation
  • Setting Up For Quality

camtasia macintosh

Module 2-CM: Camtasia Mac (v2) Fundamentals

  • Recording your first project
  • Exploring the editor
  • Trimming and cutting
  • Zooms, pans and animations
  • How to incorporate annotations for clarity
  • How and when to use cursor effects, and why they shouldn’t be overlooked
  • How to finesse blemishes with transitions
  • How and when to apply Camtasia Mac audio effects
  • How to publish your digital know-how for the web

camtasia studio

Module 2-CS: Camtasia Studio (v8) Fundamentals

  • Setting the proper default options
  • The Editor (Part 1) – Understanding the Assets Panel
  • The Editor (Part 2) – Understanding the Canvas / Viewer
  • The Editor (Part 3) – Understanding the Timeline
  • Recording your project (Part 1) – Recorder Configuration
  • Recording your project (Part 2) – 1, 2, 3, Go…
  • Trimming and Cutting
  • Visual Properties – Animating Objects
  • Zoom and Pan vs. Visual Properties Animation
  • Call Outs – Adding and Animating
  • Call Outs – Creating Hotspots In Your Screencast Video
  • Cursor Effects
  • Transitions
  • Audio Effects
  • The Convenience and Efficiency of Grouping
  • Publishing Your Screencast Presentations


Module 2-SF: ScreenFlow (v4)

  • “The End” (a peek at the project you’ll be able to make)
  • Getting to Know the Editor
  • Knowledge Check (The Editor)
  • Importing Media
  • Saving and living to create another day
  • Activity 1: Import Media Exercise
  • Activity 1 Review
  • How to Record Anything On Your Screen
  • How to Add New Recordings To the Current Project
  • Splitting and Trimming
  • Activity 2: Recording Exercise
  • Activity 2 Review
  • How to Record PowerPoint or Keynote Presentations
  • Activity 3: Record Your PowerPoint or Keynote Presentation
  • Activity 3 Review
  • Don’t Be Sedate. Animate!
  • Know When to Scale and When To Crop
  • Activity 4: Video Actions To Resize Your Video Clip
  •  Activity 4 Review
  • Change Gears With Style – Adding Transitions
  • Adding Titles and Annotations
  • Publishing Your Video For the Web
  • Callouts and Mouse Cursor Effects
  • Common Filters You Should Know
  • Where Do You Go From Here?

production workflow - digital-know-how - screencasting

Module 3: Production workflow

  • The 3–stage production workflow for scripted presentations
  • How to use the scripting template to structure your presentation
  • The determinants of audio quality and how to exploit them
  • How to leverage the right audio filters to boost your audio using powerful free audio processing software
  • How to use the audio file to capture and sync the visuals to your audio

How To Words on Dry Erase Board Instructions

Module 4: Special Topics

  • Alternate online presentation formats
  • How to integrate the “iPad screencast effect” in your online presentations
  • The picture-in-picture effect (part 1)
  • The picture-in-picture effect (part 2)
  • The picture-in-picture effect (part 3)
  • The picture-in-picture effect (part 4)
  • Creating Your Assets Library In Camtasia Studio AND Camtasia Macintosh

Software and Technical Requirements

toolbox-requirementsThis training will benefit both Macintosh and PC users of the popular ScreenFlow (v4) for MacintoshCamtasia for Macintosh (v2), or Camtasia Studio version 8 software.  The Fundamentals module gives detailed instruction about the use of each of the “Big 3” screencasting editors.  (Techsmith, the makers of Camtasia and Telestream, the makers of ScreenFlow both offer free trials of their software for easy download.) While this course also makes use of MS PowerPoint in some of the training modules, it isn’t a requirement; the same techniques described are appropriate for Keynote users, as well.  Additionally, the following minimum technical requirements are recommended:

  • If you’re using a Macintosh: OS 10.6 or above is recommended
  • If you’re using Windows: Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • A high-bandwidth internet connection (i.e., Cable or Satellite) for viewing the training videos
  • For iOS mobile devices: iPad 2 or greater

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The Last Word
I don’t want you to get the wrong impression here.  This isn’t a “get rich quick” program.  The value of the web video screen capture presentations you produce will be proportional to the quality of your content and the importance it holds for your audience.  My offer to you isn’t a quick path to riches.  But it is a quick path to eliminating the mystery and the barriers associated with “not knowing how” to digitize your knowledge for distribution to many others who can benefit from what you know.

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