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sneak peek into digital-know-how for learning to screencast

If you’re new here, welcome!  The video above gives a sneak peek to the topics inside the library.

in a nutshell

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In a Nutshell

Digital-Know-How gives a structured sequence to the “how” part of making video screen recordings (a.k.a., screencast videos).

But, it’s also more than simply learning how to screencast.   The guiding principle was to create a course that goes beyond the fundamentals of learning how to make a screencast.  I mean, sure, we do that in the Fundamentals section of the course, but I also wanted to go beyond the fundamentals by teaching learners the techniques I use for transforming classroom or meeting room type presentations for online delivery.

The video above, while giving a sneak peek on what’s inside, is also a vehicle for showing one example of how different media sources can be blended with screencast type media to mix up your presentation style(s).  That mix will give you more diverse options for communicating more compelling message(s) to your audience, or for presenting your course(s) to your online learners.

That’s the stuff you’ll learn inside.

For Whom Is the Digital-Know-How Course Best Suited?

business_icon_bust_400_clr_7683Professionals who’ve accumulated years of knowledge and who now feel they have something to share with an online audience or virtual learners will benefit from this course.  This will be especially the case if you’re fairly uncertain about the “moving parts” that come together before someone can see your content online.

If, on the other hand, you’re someone who’s already familiar with making web-based content (e.g., video, screencasts, e-Learning simulations, podcasts, etc.), then you’ll likely find the information inside to be some of the topics you may feel your’e already familiar with.  For you, it might be worth keeping tabs on alternative formats that others use for presenting complex topics.  In which case, may I recommend you grab the RSS feed to this blog and also to my blog at ScreencastingWizard, where I regularly post about interesting presentation techniques being used by others.

Something Everybody Can Try

free screencast training previewRegardless of what your experience level is, if you’re curious, I’m cool with that.  So for you, there’s a free pass on the Home page you might want to look into.  

But, in any case, if you have ideas or examples of great screencasting tips, techniques or practices, I’d love it if you share via the comments below.

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